4 Top Services

High Shool

High school is the best time to learn about American culture and begin American education. Through long-term partnerships and many selections, Phemia Edu provides various application programs for young students.


Undergraduate application at good schools has always been difficult – particularly for top-tier universities, the annual number of admitted Chinese students is rather small. Phemida Edu has designed plans so that our students may stand out among their competitors.


Most Chinese applicants have chosen graduate programs. Catering to this need, Phemia Edu has compiled our educational resources and designed the plans for students.


Do not discard the opportunity to study at a top-ranked institution if you have the talent and ability. In response to the worry of many students about the issue of transferring credits, Phemia will device personalized application plans to transfer a maximum number of credits.

Top Counselors

Our elite team of consultants consists of  experienced consultants, former admission officers from elite university such as Harvard, University of Pennsylvania,New York University and etc.

Our consultants include those who were international students themselves a lot of years ago and those who are native in America. They understand the situation that international students are experiencing. They are here to share their experiences and tactics to help you navigate the application process and accelerate your admission.

David Chang

Former President of New York University

Marina Lee

Vice President of the Global Committee of IECA

Our Advantages

Homelike Care

Phemia Edu guarantees the safety of our students and provides follow-up one-stop services that include airport pick-up, apartment rental, furniture purchase, delivery, medical insurance, SIM card purchase, car purchase, legal consulting, etc.

Career Planning

Early in the application, our career development consultants offer free consulting to the student, encouraging him to “start from passion” while also informing him of certain programs’ career implications in the U.S.